About Beth

Bethan Cooper spends her days working 8 hours at a well known restaurant and yawning – a lot.
But her vulnerability behind the uniform is her writing, having being obsessed with writing short stories and song lyrics from her teens, she has finally put pen to paper and started a novel.
She is married to the love of her life who she met when she was 17.
So writing romance is a must, especially lots of kissing and hot guys.
With music as an obsession, especially rock music of all types her iTunes is overflowed with inspiration.
Beth in her own words.
At 12, on family holidays it was then I noticed my love for a story. We often went away on holiday and I’d spend each day buried in a novel. It could of been romance, suspense, horror I enjoyed it all.
I went on holiday when I was 15 and read 7 books in two weeks.
I went to the hotel library and found any book and read it.
I even got through the two novels my parents brought.
This is when I started to write. I wrote more at school, developing short stories into long ones, having after school chats with my english teacher about my work.
I had notebooks, scrap pieces of paper on with life quotes and love quotes sprawled across the white sheets.
But like anyone, I never thought I was good enough to even start a novel.
I spent my teens reading, going out with friends, finishing school going to college.
I’m not going to lie, I met my husband when I was seventeen. He asked me to marry him when I was eighteen. We got married on my twentieth birthday.
I moved 250 miles away from my family home at eighteen to live with a boy—eep!
I made such a huge decision and left so much behind. Painful at the time, but time is a great healer and it’s now 5 years later.
I work full time as does my husband and we spend each and everyday coming home to each other and loving the way we should.
Our love story is an inspiration for my novel.
It is NOT our story but his love for me blossoms through Ella’s love for Luke.
I started Never Say Goodbye in 2012, I left it for a long time and came back to it around October 2012.
The story is rubbed off from my own feelings in my own life.
I have vented a lot of myself into the book, a lot of personal issues that I have had to deal with and a lot of others.
I wanted to write a powerful love story that people could really relate to and understand.

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